Aquafox is a water pokemon.

You can find an Aquafox in the watermap or at route 25 but you cannot catch him.

aquafox is very hard to get and only available through credits.

Aquafox evolves into Aquaflare at Lv. 18 and then into Aquahorse at Lv. 35

I got a Aquafox of lvl6 at route 25. Yes it was hard to catch but finally did it.------sandeep

I also got an Aquafox at lvl5 at route 25. I just lowered its health with confuse ray and threw one pokeball. Caught! I was shocked.-------InfernoVulpix2

Its same like other fakemons->hard(some peopel says impossible) catchable...I'm gonna make Shiny Fakemon Set.I'm gonna find and catch 6 fakemons and they must be shiny.=) im gonna waste on this half of my life xD

>Aky2810(I play Pokeelites)

I think that fakemon are designed to be uncatchable if you use a master ball like most people would at first, but may be catchable with regular pokeballs. All i know is that it only took one pokeball to catch my aquafox, and now i've wasted about 9 hours trying to find a bryworm again after i accidentally KO-ed one on route 11.


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