Trainer Type Random Trainer
Badge None
Difficulty Hard
Pokemon Type Electric; Fire; Water; Grass; Poison; Bug; Flying; Normal
Pokemon lineup Pikachu lvl 100
Charizard lvl 100
Blastoise lvl 100
Venusaur lvl 100
Butterfree lvl 100
Snorlax lvl 100
Total Experience ---
Level Range 100
Recommended Level 100

Ash is one of the most challenging Random Trainers you should incounter on your Pokemon Crater Adventure. He uses many different types of Pokemon so it is recommended that you respond by building your party specifically to counter each of his pokemon individually instead of using an all round team.

Ash loses to Misty

Ash appears in the Pokemon anime series as an aspiring Pokemon Master from Pallet Town. He is based off of the trainer Red who features heavily in the pokemon manga series and is a playable character in the original pokemon games as well as the GBA remakes. Red is also available for battling in GSC and their respective remakes after defeating the Elite Four.


"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and I'm gonna be the world's #1 Pokemon Master!"
"Team Rocket!"
"Pikachu! Thunder Bolt 'em!"


  • Groups shipping Ash with his various female friends seem to war with each other regularly and will only unite in the face of Rivalshipping

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