• VenDiagram

    Time is Passing 0.o

    March 4, 2013 by VenDiagram

    It's been quite a while since I've been properly active on this site and I fell I owe you all some kind of explanation.

    In the last three years (oh wow, it really doesn't feel like three years) I've managed to break the same foot 5 times, had a metal rod inserted into said foot to stop the bone breaking and had a whole lot of physio so that I can walk without a limp again. Strangely enough the breaks weren't caused by drunken escapades but instead by first tripping over my own feet and then failing to heal properly ever again. There's a whole big explanation about how that happened and how it all works but I'll spare you where it comes to that :)
    I've also moved out of home, become somewhat financially independent (I work but it's a serious…

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  • 2012YES


    January 19, 2013 by 2012YES

    Hello Peeps. Check out ma Wiki.

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  • Zimkiller1

    i mean we all need a chat room? right?

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  • KeanotheCreator

    PUO Wiki

    February 13, 2012 by KeanotheCreator

    PUO(Pokemon Universe Online) is a Pokemon online rpg. It is made by a 14 year old kid and growing, He has always wanted to Game Design. PUO was supposed to show his talents to his designs so for now on he just keeps on working on it. This Kid wants to bring this game to the TOP! Wait, you ask his name? His name is Keano, The Website name and game name is KeanotheCreator. Fourth so on, This game is building and building on and still is looking for staff to check out the Game.

    Company Name: [K]eanos[G]ames Game Sponsers: Youtube, Google, MetaCafe,Yahoo Published: 2/20/12

    Trailer: Nope ScreenShots: Yes!

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  • Fox454x

    Back again

    October 19, 2010 by Fox454x

    Im back probably for a short period of time. I dont know why some people mess around with rayquaza but oh well.

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  • Fox454x


    April 1, 2010 by Fox454x

    Date- 4/1/10

    Happy April Fools Day everyone. There is a new guy who edited today Jonathan35 on the Lugia article and yeah thats about it.

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  • VenDiagram

    Hi, It's Venn back with more of her wackiness (not sure if I spelt that right).

    ANYWAY!!! I started uni at the end of January and let me tell you, it's hard! Much harder than I thought I would be. However, thanks to the magic of time management I should be able to do one or two pages a day provided my projected study schedual of ten study hours for each of my four subjects per week plus about 5 contact hours per subject plus 30 hours of work... I think I'm out of hours but that's beside the point. I'd like to make a special meantion to Fox454x who has been updating and creating pages for the last few days.

    Congrats everyone, this wiki is actually starting to look like a real wiki XD

    Keep up the updates everyone and study hard XD

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  • VenDiagram

    I haven't been very active recently because it is just that time of year. I will do my best to come around and tidy things up and create an article or two over the following month but because of Christmas, New Year and various family matters I probably won't be around much until the 5th of January.

    Keep the awesome job you all have been doing of updating the wiki and have an awesome holiday XD

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  • VenDiagram

    Heap Praise Upon AshKetchup2 and Remember to Vote

    Last night I came across an absolutely awesome guide that give a quick outline of the Battle Arena and everything about it by AshKetchup2. With Ash's permission the guide has been uploaded, formatted and linked to various parts of the wiki. The page has been protected from edits in order to preserve the author's work so if you have any suggestions to improve the page than please post them in the Community Portal, on the Quick Guide discussion page or on the original guide in the PBA forum.

    Remember the wikia deletion policies I was talking about on the Wiki home page. Yeah, those. Please remember to vote on them otherwise there won't be much point in attempting to stick to wikia policies and I…

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  • VenDiagram

    25th November 6:12pm EST

    November 27, 2009 by VenDiagram

    Ferleaf, Fearleaf and Rapidash OH MY!

    I have almost saved up enough daily credits to purchase a Ferleaf so I will have the pages for it and its evolutions (if there are any) filled out by the end of December provided my family doesn't kill my computer again. For some reason I keep spelling it Fearleaf which, if I do say so myself, sounds so much cooler to me than Ferleaf which sounds a lot like Fur-Leaf gah.

    I was lucky enough to see a Rainbow Rapidash in the trading section today and while I couldn't get it for myself to find its STATS I was able to take a screen shot so the page has been created and the picture uploaded.

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