Vital statistics
Title sinnoh champion
Gender female
Race human
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location Location

cynthia is the sinnoh champion. the champions are in the 'battle trainers' section and between the gym leaders/elite fours and the teams (magma/aqua/rocket)

she has a very varied team. her team is

spiritomb = lvl 61 (ghost/dark) roserade = lvl 60 (grass/poison) gastrodon = lvl 60 (ground/water) lucario = lvl 63 (fighting/steel) milotic = lvl 63 (water) garchomp = lvl 66 (dragon/ground)

as you can see these are very varied.

i would recommend a water type, a grass type and/or a poison type. i wouldnt try her unless all your pokemon in your team are over lvl 55 because her pokemon do pak a bit of a punch.






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