Donation is when one gives money to Pokemon Battle Arena as to help the site, one can get many benefits from donating.

  • Premium Account
  • Credits
  • Yard upgrade
  • Donation pokemon

These will be explained below

Premium Account

When one has a premium account, the player is given special benefits. The mostly commonly known is the increased ability to get special pokemon. The encounter rate of encountering a special pokemon and ledgandary pokemon (on the hallow field and elemental maps) goes from 1/1000 to 1/200.


One can also get credits for donating, these can only be obtained by donating. With credits you can buy pokemon and elemental maps.

Upgraded yard

The pokemon that can be kept in a yard goes from 500 to 1000

Donation Pokemon

Finally, one can recieve the a donation pokemon. Donation pokemon are exclusive pokemon that can only be obtain by donating.

Pokemon Battle Arena offers pokemon such as a Golden Turtwig or a Golden Dratini

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