Hollowbrook Town
Hollowbrook Town
The Hollowbrook Town Map
Map Type Unlockable Map
Access from None
Access to Route 1
Pokemon Appearences
Type All
Level Range 3 to 7

Hollowbrook town is the first town you will encounter in your Pokemon Battle Arena adventure. It is an Unlockable Map and has access to Route 1 on its East side. The town has a small body of water in its South-West corner, a Pokemon Centre and a few houses.

Pokemon Appearances

The following pokemon may be caught in Hollowbrook Town

  1. 010 Caterpie - Very Common
  2. 019 Rattata - Very Common
  3. 025 Pikachu - Uncommon
  4. 021 Spearow - Very Common
  5. 029 Nidoran(F) - Rare
  6. 032 Nidoran(M) - Rare
  7. 035 Clefairy - Very Rare
  8. 056 Mankey - Rare
  9. 063 Abra - Very Rare
  10. 027 Sandshrew - Uncommon
  11. 039 Jigglypuff - Very Rare
  12. 949 Victini - Mega Rare

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