Legy Master
Random Trainer - Legy Master
Trainer Type Random Trainer
Difficulty Hard
Pokemon Type All
Pokemon lineup Ho-oh lvl 100
Articuno lvl 100
Zapdos lvl 100
Lugia lvl 100
Mewtwo lvl 100
Arceus lvl 100
Total Experience ---
Level Range 100
Recommended Level 100
Random Trainer - Legy Master - Lineup

Legendary Master's lineup

The Legendary Master or 'Legy Master' is a trainer who specialises in battling with legendary pokemon.

His pokemon have two predominant types, flying and psychic, making it fairly easy to develope a basic stratagy against him. While your pokemon do need to be almost at the highest level in order to withstand his attacks, by using type advantages the battle should be over fairly quickly.

Keep at least two powerful electric pokemon in your party to take down the birds along with a fighting type for Arceus, a ghost type pokemon to take down Mewtwo and a fire type as a backup against Articuno and Zapdos, as well as one pokemon of your choice and you should find that your pokemon barely even become scratched during the battle. An important thing to remember is not to send out your fighting type against one of his psychics as their moves will wipe it out very quickly. The only pokemon of his you might have some trouble with when using the above team is Zapdos as its electric/flying combo makes it difficult, if not impossable to land a super effective hit.


  • While the Legendary Master has no direct reference in the anime a lot of trainers who have achieved 'legendary' stats are shown wearing similar outfits

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