120814-212526 (1)
Random Trainer - May
Trainer Type Random Trainer
Badge None
Difficulty Hard
Pokemon Type Fire; Water; Grass; Poison; Bug; Flying; Normal; Ice
Pokemon lineup Venusaur lvl 100
Wartortle lvl 100
Glaceon lvl 100
Blaziken lvl 100
Beautifly lvl 100
Skitty lvl 100
Total Experience ---
Level Range 100
Recommended Level 100
Random Trainer - May - Lineup

Ash's Pokemon lineup

May is one of the most challenging Random Trainers you should incounter on your Pokemon Crater adventure. She uses many different types of Pokemon so it is recommended that you respond by building your party specifically to counter each of his pokemon individually instead of using an all round team.

May appears in the Pokemon anime series as an unsure beginning trainer who eventually decides to persue a career as a professional pokemon co-ordinator. Her younger brother Max often accompanies her and provides his keen insite into pokemon stratagy.


"That's not funny Max!"
"They ate all the food!" *head implodes out of rage*


  • Contest shipping and Advanceshipping are the two most popular ships when it comes to May, pairing her up with Drew and Ash respectively
  • Like Ash, May often thinks with her stomach which sometimes causes her to get into considerable amounts of trouble.

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