The Offline Trades are widely used by most Pokemon Battle Arena users. This area of the website is very self explanitory, as this area is used for trading unwanted pokemon or making different deals between other users on the website. 

On The Page

There are different tools on this page that enables easy access in exploring different aspects of the area of the game.


Using the search funciton a user can find trades anywhere containing the pokemon they decide to search. This gives the user a wide variety in options of taking hold of a certain pokemon

30 Most Recent

By clicking the '30 Most Recent' button, next to the 'Search' button, it takes the user to a page displaying the 30 most recent trades put up by fellow users. By looking here, the user has more of a possibility of catching a trade of someone that could very well still be online.

Other Trades by

Using the link aligned right of each trade, you can access the user's other offline trades. It will give a user a wider viewpoint of a friends and/or other user's trades.

Your Offline Trades

Accessable under 'Trainer HQ,' your own trades can be found. By creating offline trades you enable yourself an easier way to make money and grasp your most wanted pokemon.

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