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The Pokemart is a place within the Pokemon Crater - Battle Arena where a trainer can Purchase items to improve his or her game. It may be accessed from the Explore section of the Menu Bar.

Just below the Pokemart picture the amount of Pokemoney a player has is displayed. This money restricts the amount of items you may buy. To earn more money you should battle other trainers, be they real or computer controlled, before returning to buy more items or saving up for some of the more expensive ones.

Evolution Stones

Evolution stones are special stones that when given to a pokemon cause it to evolve into a more powerful form. These stones are very rary and thus, also very expensive. Some pokemon like Eevee and Gloom have multiple evolutions depending on which stone is given to them while others, like Pikachu, have only one. Currently the Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone and Dawn Stone are unavailable for purchase at the market making several pokemon evolutions unavailable. Trade evolution items such as the King's Rock are also unavailable. These will presumably be added some time in the future and trade evolution items are likely to behave in a similar manner to evolution stones due to the difficulty in confirming an in game trade. To view a lit of pokemon and what stones they need to evolve click here.

Evolution Item Name Price
Leaf Stone 6,000.00
Water Stone 6,000.00
Thunderstone 6,000.00
Fire Stone 6,000.00
Sun Stone 6,000.00
Moon Stone 6,000.00


Medicines are special potions that when used upon a pokemon can heal various stats aliments, recover a pokemon's health and revive it from an unconcious state.

Typical stats healing items are Antidote which cures poison, Awakening which cures sleep, Ice Heal which cures frozen pokemon, Parlyz Heal which cures paralysis, Burn Heal which cures burns and Full Heal which cures all previously meantioned stats aliments plus confusion. There is currently not much point in purchasing stat heal items as stat effects have not yet been programmed into the game. However, there presence in the Pokemart means that the stats update is likely not long in coming.

Health recovery items are arguably the most important part of any battle stratagy. Depending on which you have available to you a losing battle may be turned into a victory. A regular Potion recovers up to 20 health, Super Potion recovers up to 50 health, Hyper Potion recovers up to 200 health and Max Potion revcvers all of a pokemon's health. The only time that a potion might not recover its maximun potential health range is when the Pokemon's own maximum health has been recovered.

Probably the moxt sought after recovery items are the revive items and the Hyper Potion. A regular Revive will revive a pokemon from its unconcious state and recover half of its health leaving the rest to be recovered through the use of various health recovery items, a Max Revive will revive the pokemon and restore all of its health mnaking it ideal for use during battle when turns cannot afford to be wasted. The Hyper Potion does not revive a pokemon, but it does resore all of a pokemon's heath and cure all stats ailments including confusion.

Medicine Name Price
Antidote 100.00
Awakening 200.00
Ice Heal 250.00
Parlyz Heal 250.00
Burn Heal 250.00
Potion 300.00
Super Potion 600.00
Full Heal 600.00
Hyper Potion 1,200.00
Revive 1,500.00
Max Potion 2,500.00
Full Restore 3,000.00
Max Revive 5,000.00


Pokeballs are essential to your game if you want to build the ultimate team. They allow you to catch wild pokemon and add them to your team. Various Pokeballs have different catch rates and some pokemon need to have these improved rates used against them in order to improve your chance of catching them. The Poke Ball has the base catch rate of x1, the Great Ball has a catch rate of x1.5, the Ultra Ball has a catch rate of x2 and the Master Ball provides a guarenteed catch making it a favourite for hunting shinies and legendaries as there is no need to battle the pokemon properly.

There are many other types of pokeballs in the pokemon universe but it is unknown if they will be added to the Battle Arena.

Pokeball Name Price
Poke Ball 1,000.00
Great Ball 2,500.00
Ultra Ball 5,000.00
Master Ball 25,000.00

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