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Version Beta 0.1
Pokemon Crater - Battle Arena (also known as Pokemon Battle Arena/Pokemon Crater/Battle Arena Remixed/Battle Arena Version {Beta 0.1}/PBA) is the online game that is the focus of this wiki. Within the world of battle arena you have the chance to become the world's best, or worst, Pokemon Master. You begin your journey in Hollowbrook Town and can travel to many different areas.

The games system allows you to attempt to catch all 400+ official Pokemon as well as several Battle Arena exclusive Pokemon. On top of this Battle arena allows you the oppertunity to try and catch shiny Pokemon and the Arena exclusive forms of dark, metal and ghost.

The battle system currently in place allows you to choose from over 90 computer controlled trainers of verious levels of difficulty to compete against in one on one two or two or even three on three battles. You can also challenge your friends, or even complete strangers, on the site to battles of similar varieties. When battling certian computer controlled trainers known as Gym Leaders you will recieve a Gym Badge as a sign of accomplishment if you defeat them. These badges cannot yet be view but should soon be coded into the system to appear on the profile.

For information on joining the Battle Arena click here.

as of Feburay 2011 Battle Arena is gone R.I.P. Apr 08 - Feb 11

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