Psychic Map
Psychic Map
Map Type Psychic
Access from Spend your Credits
Access to -
Pokemon Appearences
Type Psychic
Level Range -

Pokemon Appearences

  • Eevee (super rare)
  • Latios (rare)
  • Latias (rare)
  • Jirachi (super rare)
  • Mew (not that rare)
  • Mewtwo (mostly rare)
  • Deoxys (very rare)
  • Cresselia (very rare)
  • Celebi (extremely rare)
  • Lugia (rare)
  • Uxie (rare)
  • Mesprit (rare)
  • Azelf (rare)
  • Darkrema (extremely rare) (you can't catch him, even with a Master Ball, it's imposible)
  • Darkrai (rare)
  • Baltoy (common)
  • Solrock (uncommon)
  • Lunatone (uncommon)
  • Mime Jr (common)
  • Mr. Mime (common)
  • Chimecho (rare)
  • Bronzor (uncommon)
  • Ralts (common)
  • Abra (very common)
  • Girafarig (uncommon)
  • Drowzee (common)
  • Unown (very common)
  • Meditite (very common)
  • Natu (common)
  • Wynaut (uncommon)
  • Slowpoke (rare)
  • Exeggcute (rare)
  • Smoochum (uncommon)
  • Chingling (uncommon)
  • Spoink (very common)
  • Beldum (super rare)

some of the lengendary pokemon need to beat the challengers only will unlock like latias , latios etc...

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