psycho is a psychic trainer with a Hypno, Gardevoir, Alakazam, Grumpig, Mr. Mime and Espeon. He is extremely easy to beat if you can catch any dark type pokemon. Mr Mine will use only Psybeam, while all of his other Pokemon will rely on Psychic (the attack) to defeat you.

Hints: Like all NPC trainers, his pokemon will only use one attack of their own type (Psychic) so any dark pokemon will be completely unharmed. Also, like all NPC tainers, he will always target the lowest level pokemon in a line-up. A good way to exploit this is to catch a dark-type pokemon and use it to soak all the hits while you train another pokemon. Up to level 43, every kill will yield a full level for your pokemon (But only one, no more), making him a good choice to quickly level up.

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