Route 5
The Route 5 Map
Map Type Unlockable Map
Access from Seekers Passage
Access to Route 6 and Route 7
Pokemon Appearences
Type All
Level Range 3 to 7

Route 5 is a route you arrive at after travelling through Seeker's Passage. It contains large patches of grass and a small tree maze in the centre that resembles Viridian Forest in Kanto.

From Route 5, you can travel to Route 6 in the North and Route 7 to the East.

Pokemon Appearences

  1. 39 Jigglypuff (Uncommon)
  2. 35 Clefairy (Very Rare)
  3. 43 Oddish (Common)
  4. 16 Pidgey (Common)
  5. 48 Venonat (Common)
  6. 52 Meowth (Uncommon)
  7. 13 Weedle (Common)
  8. 41 Zubat (Common)
  9. 32 Nidoran M (Rare)
  10. 29 Nidoran F (Rare)
  11. 37 Vulpix (Rare)
  12. 56 Mankey (Rare)
  13. 54 Psyduck (Common)
  14. 25 Pikachu (Rare)

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