Route 8
The Route 8 Map
Map Type Unlockable Map
Access from Stargate City
Access to Route 9 and Route 11
Pokemon Appearences
Type Bug Type
Electric Type
Fighting Type
Flying Type
Normal Type
Psychic Type
Steel Type
Water Type
Level Range 3 to 7

Route 8 is a spacious path connecting Stargate City to Route 9 and Route 11, both in the West.
There are two patches of grass in the centre and trees around the edges. This map specialises in Gerneration III pokemon, giving us the oppertunity to catch many of the bug pokemon of the area along with fighting, steel electric, water and psychic types.

Pokemon Appearences

#273 Seedot - Very common
#278 Wingull - Very common
#280 Ralts - Rare
#283 Surskit - Uncommon
#293 Whismur - Uncommon
#296 Makuhita - Uncommon
#304 Aron - Rare
#307 Meditite - Uncommon
#309 Electrike - Common
#312 Minun - Very common (Has ghost type)
#313 Volbeat
#314 Illumise - Common
#315 Roselia - Common
#285 Shroomish

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