Route 9
Route 9small
Route 9
Map Type cheesey
Access from Route 8
Access to Route 10
Pokemon Appearences
Type -
Level Range -
Route 9 is a pathway that can be accessed by Route 8 and outlets to Route 10. It has an L-shaped pathway and 4 grass patches

The following pokemon can be caught here...

  • Houndour (Common)
  • Miltank (Common)
  • Phanpy (Rare)
  • Smoochum (Uncommon)
  • Elekid (Uncommon)
  • Politoed (MEGA RARE)
  • Audino (Very Rare)
  • Cubchoo (Very Rare)
  • Blitzle (Very Rare)
  • Petilil (Very Rare)

Trainer Popularity: LOW

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