In the game you start with a starter pokemon to begin your journey. Basically it is your very first pokemon, here is a list of the pokemon you can chooose:

  • Charmander A red Fire type pokemon that has a flaming tail.
  • Bulbasaur A green Grass type pokemon that has a bulb on its back.
  • Squirtle A blue Water type pokemon that has a shell like a turtle.

  • Chikorita A Grass type that has got a leaf growing from its forehead.
  • Cyndaquil A Fire type that has squinted eyes and fire coming from its back.
  • Totodile A Water type kinda like an Alligator

  • Torchic A Fire type that is like a baby chicken
  • Treecko A Grass type looks like a red and green gecko
  • Mudkip A Water type that is blue and orange like a frog but way cuter

  • Pikachu An Electric type mouse in the anime you see it in most or possibly all the episodes. It is yellow, red cheeks, and a brown/yellow lighting like tail. The tip of its ears it black. Cutest mouse you'll ever see I mean look at Rattata


Heres a Pikachu


Heres a Rattata

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