Vulpix Forms 2
Vulpix's Forms

Normal; Shiny; Dark; Ghost; Metal; Golden

National Dex #037
Type Fire Type
Evolves from ---
Evolves to Ninetales
Method or lvl Fire Stone
Generation Generation I
To obtain
Map Route 5
Fire Type Map
Others Trade
Credit Shop
Base Stats
HP 38
ATK 41
DEF 40
SPD 65
Default Attack ---
Naturally Learned ---

Being a fire type pokémon, Vulpix can be pretty powerful, and is just a fire stone away from turning into a Ninetales, making it a very promising pokémon. If you get a Vulpix, be sure to train it and make it part of you line-up.


Evolution Chain
Vulpix --> Ninetales
Strong Against
Grass Type; Ice Type; Bug Type; Steel Type
Weak Against
Water Type; Ground Type; Rock Type
Other Details
Fighting fire with fire, in the Pokémon world, is not very effective, so putting a Vulpix against another fire type pokémon would really just be a battle of fire power. Vulpix is a pretty rare pokémon to see in the wild, so if seen, be sure to catch it, as another chance might not come by for a while.

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