All non-evolved water-types and half-water types: (Alphabetical)

(Legendary Pokemon):

Kyogre - Rare

Manaphy - VERY Rare

Palkia - VERY Rare

Phione - Rare

Suicune - VERY VERY Rare

(Rare Pokemon):

Relicanth - Not very rare (Strong)

Seefin- EXTREMELY Rare and very powerful when evolved(impossible to catch even with Master Ball)

Aquaff - Super rare/impossible to catch even with a Master Ball

(Normal Pokemon):

Barboach - Common

Buizel - Uncommon

Carvanha - Common

Chinchou - Common

Clamperl - Common

Corphish - Common (Strong)

Corsola - Uncommon

Goldeen - Common

Feebas - Common

Finneon - Common

Gorebyss - Uncommon

Horsea - Uncommon (Strong when evolved)

Huntail - Uncommon

Kabuto - Uncommon (Strong when evolved)

Krabby - Common

Lapras - Uncommon (Strong)

Lotad - Common

Luvdisc - Very Common

Magikarp - Common (Strong when evolved)

Mantine - Uncommon (Strong)

Marill - Common

Mudkip - Uncommon (Strong)

Omanyte - Common

Piplup - Rare (Strong)

Qwilfish - Uncommon

Poliwag - Common

Psyduck - Uncommon

Remoraid - Common

Seel - Uncommon (Strong)

Shellder - Common

Shellos - Common

Slowpoke - Common

Spheal - Uncommon (Strong when evolved)

Squirtle - Uncommon (Strong)

Staryu - Uncommon (Strong)

Surskit - Common

Tentacool - Uncommon

Totodile - Uncommon (Strong)

Wailmer - Uncommon (Strong)

Wingull - Very Common

Wooper - Common

Mantyke - Uncommon

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